May Madness 2024
"May the 4th be with you" theme
May 3rd 4th 5th


Time for another instalment of the one and only Manfeild May Madness. Plenty of changes this year to spice up the weekend, you won’t be disappointed.
The theme for this year’s dinner “MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU” Or any other movie character you like - be there - plan now!

After years of enjoying Essence Café, we have an exciting new dinner venue with a great new caterer - it will be great. We are supper excited to welcome the combined ‘Trofeo – European Racing Classics (ERC)’ race series to May Madness for the first time this year. This brings a great group of classic racers to experience the May Madness vibe.

On top of this is all the usual MMM activities Alfisti enjoy.

>Driver Training for novices – Get some tuition on how to handle your car on the track from an experienced AROC race driver. But be early on the day or you will miss out.
>Sprints – Single and dual car sprints – – the best way to learn some track craft and safely experience your cars potential.
>Racing – Alfas were made for this!! Come and compete or come and watch the race grids of Alfas and the exciting Trofeo - ERC series.
>Track Experience – We are running a controlled speed group at lunch time, 20mins behind the pace car at moderate speed, no helmet, passengers allowed. This is your chance to drive your Alfa or whatever you brought on the track in a controlled manner – it’s not a race, but a chance to explore your car’s great pedigree.
>Socialising – May Madness is all about social engagement and companionship.

Once again this year the National Formula First group will be joining us. They will run their 1 hour endurance race from 10am to 11am.

With novice driver training, single and dual sprints, races and the lunchtime track experience we have something for everyone. If you are new to motorsport, you can do driver training and single car sprints.
For dual car sprints you will need a Clubsport Licence (these are NOT available on the day, so you need to organise it in advance through Motorsport NZ). Those racing will need a current National Race Licence.

Unfortunately, current Manfeild rules do not allow for entries from EV or Hybrid vehicles

Race Drivers note qualifying is 9.30am sharp Alfa’s and 9.40am for Trofeo - ERC. No time = back of the grid.
Get your licence organised now - contact Motorsport New Zealand, or the Alfa Club Motorsport rep Chris Browne 021 617 007. And don’t forget to organise your 2024-2025 AROC membership card BEFORE you arrive in Feilding!!

The famous Madness lunches will be available, and as everyone who has ever been knows, the real
M M M fun happens after dark.   Racing or not, come and enjoy the real Madness – MMM dinners are renowned for their entertainment, fun and fellowship.

The theme for this year’s dinner “MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU”

Or any other movie character you like - be there - plan now!


May Madness 2024:- Driver Training, Sprinting, Racing, Displaying and Parading, and of course Socialising and Grooving, look out for the registration form on the club website  - this is the only way to enter this year. Registrations close Monday 29th April and payment must be made prior to arrival.
Be in quick- We wouldn’t want you to miss out!  

Whether you are an Alfa Competitor, a Trofeo - ERC racer, doing driver training or just hanging out for the weekend. You must complete the May Madness online registration form below.

For further information contact or



It’s your choice, but Feilding has four great motels close to Manfeild!